Calcaneal Fractures Heel Fractures

CalcanealFracturesHeel fractures, or calcaneal fractures, are serious injuries that often occur from a high-energy impact such as a car accident or fall from height. If left untreated, many calcaneus fractures may go on to cause long-term problems such as arthritis or difficulty wearing shoes. Depending on the pattern and severity of the fracture, surgery may or may not be recommended.

X-rays are useful in diagnosing a calcaneal fracture. Prior to surgery it will be requested that you obtain a CT scan so that we can understand your fracture in more detail and allow more specific planning for surgery.

Dr. Levine is a foot and ankle orthopaedist, located in New York, with vast experience in treating calcaneal fractures. He uses state of the art and groundbreaking techniques that are designed to aide in better fixation of your fracture leading to better outcomes for you. This gives you the opportunity to start your rehabilitation quicker, starting movement and therapy as early as two weeks post-operatively.

Surgical Treatment

If surgery is recommended, you may be required to wait about two weeks before going to the operating room in order to allow swelling to go down. This is important so that your skin is able to close after an incision is made, thus promoting healing of your wound and decreasing risk of infection. During these 2 weeks you will be in a protective boot, but will be allowed to remove it for ankle exercises to keep your movement and help decrease swelling. You can also remove it for icing.

What to expect if you need surgery

HSS is a hospital that performs only orthopaedic surgeries. Therefore, we have a highly specialized group of physician assistants, nurses, and anesthesiologists that assist the surgeon during your surgery as well as during the post-operative period to ensure that you receive the best care. It may be suggested that you stay overnight following surgery. Most healthy individuals are ready to go home the next day.

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